Alumni Career Centre

The Alumni Career Centre: working alongside you to help you advance in your career.


> Careers advice
Use the careers advice service either on the Paris, Lille or Nice campus, or by web, phone or Skype.

> Our job offers:
Access to all the EDHEC job offers from the EDHEC network and from

> EDHEC careers events:
Check the online calendar to view our events and workshops.

> Careers hotline:
Get advice fast to assess your salary or decide which job is best for you
Contact +33 (0)1 53 32 76 51

> Network and partner firms:
Get more careers information from EDHEC Business School corporate partners and find out which alumni work in these firms.

> Online test:
To understand yourself better or practice the tests

6-stage process to find a job with

1> Discover the job market
Jobs, sectors and job market updates (Graduate Programmes, Placement reports, International opportunities)

2> Draw up a career plan
Do a skills assessment test, know yourself better, discover what drives you

3> Prepare your application
CV, cover letter and application form

4> Prepare the job application procedures
Tips on best interview and assessment centre techniques, practice assessment test skills

5> Salaries & Contracts
Salary surveys and legal advice  

6> Manage your career and start your own business
Experienced managers: start-ups and takeovers,
transition management, outplacements…

New tools

 The Career G16 application
This application for managers and graduates from business schools helps you to built your career plans and to learn about your job market.
> Dowload the G16+ application

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