EDHEC Resource

An EDHEC Resource is a graduate of EDHEC Business School who has agreed to answer questions about his or her: devenez_edhec_ressource_216

> job
> industry
> broader market
> city, region, or country
> professional experience since graduation
> company and its hiring methods

How to recognise an EDHEC Resource?

EDHEC Resources can be recognised by the symbol ® that appears next to their names in the print and online handbooks. 

Before contacting an EDHEC Resource, be prepared !

The network is a goldmine for those who know how to use it, but is that true for you?
With the help of specialists and alumni, Edhec Alumni has just published a Networking Guide that will help you to understand how to contact other alumni, tips on best behaviour and good practice, the mistakes to avoid and specific advice on social networks.

> Download the EDHEC Alumni Networking guide and the 10 advices of Grégoire Beaurain (1996)

Good practices to network efficiently

> Don’t be afraid to contact the alumni to ask information about their sector of activity, their job, their company… and also for advices about your career plan. 

> Use the right technique: start by sending an email (Edhec or personal email address). You won’t bother anyone and making initial contact before calling is likely to pay off in the end. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket: contact several people to get different perspectives and increase your chances of getting an answer. Do not send collective e-mails.

> Don’t forget to thank the person/people and to give some feedback. They give you time. This also helps them to know if their advice was useful or not.

> Give something back: the network is an exchange. You’ve been helped, now you can help! As a student, you needed sponsors, so spread the word that you can give advice in your field of expertise, become an Edhec Resource people, make a contribution to the Rising Talents… there are plenty of ways you can help!

> Take part in events: get actively involved in your network. You can get precious advice, contacts, leads or perspectives that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought about from a simple discussion with other alumni. Make yourself known and increase your chances of extending your circle of acquaintances. Hope to see you soon at the next Edhec meeting…

Becoming "Edhec Resources" means :

> Keeping your contact info up to date
kit-edhec-resource-eng-1_400> Helping and orienting the alumni or students who approach him/her
Responding to each request
> Sending your job offers to the EDHEC network

Being active in social networks
Doing EDHEC proud

For more information, download the EDHEC Resource Kit

What’s in it for you?

As a Resource, the advantages to you are several: 
> professional: accepting questions from the EDHEC alumni community makes it possible for you to strengthen your network; it’s an opportunity for you to make potentially interesting contacts
> human: by helping a fellow graduate, you know that this graduate will be likely to provide help in turn
> friendship: by becoming a Resource, you can meet members of the community with whom you have certain affinities; it’s a fine opportunity to find a teammate for your favourite sport

Go on your private space, then click on the EDHEC Resource badge

Testimonial: Olivier Gautier (GE 1997)


" An Edhec Resource person is someone that supports the network and provides information about his or her company, job, assignments, and even their own network whether linked to Edhec or not. I’m an Edhec Resource person for Renault, and I’ve passed on information to numerous students and alumni interested in my company and its career opportunities. I’m personally involved in recruiting young trainees and graduates from Edhec. It really doesn’t take much time, it’s just a question of answering a few questions by e-mail or by phone from time to time. It’s really satisfying to be able to give a fast and useful answer when someone asks for information. I’m not looking for anything in return. I just think it’s natural to help strengthen the networks ties. We have to be ready to share our advantages, in this case our expertise, to help the wider community!"

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